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About Mohammad Taherkhani

Mohammad Reza Taherkhani (born September 16, 1988), known professionally as Mohammad Taherkhani, is an inventor, composer, discoverer, researcher, lecturer, classical guitarist, businessman, CEO of The Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers (Private Joint Stock) Company and Taherkhani Records .

Mohammad Taherkhanki’s Childhood

He started learning music when he was only 3 years old with Snare Drum. Over time, he became interested in playing the Guitar and at the age of nine, he went to music theory and Guitar classes.

Soon, he showed the talent of making beautiful melodies, so learned harmony, counterpoint, form, Orchestration, etc. and his first music are related to the same period.

Mohammad Reza Taherkhani Activities

Till date, he has composed numerous songs in almost all classical music forms for most musical instruments which will be published little by little.

In his music, a lot of effort has been made to improve ability to play classical guitar instrument and instead of just making a new beautiful melody in a special form he tries to continue the path of great composers to promote classical music.

Also, he has published many essays and explorations in the field of music, and lectured in various universities and conferences. He has patented several inventions in different fields in his own name.

In his career, there are registration of various industrial designs, management of different companies, music teaching experience for more than twenty years, activity in financial fields, etc.

Mohammad Taherkhani Music

At the moment, he is focusing on his music company and record label named The Taherkhani Records and releasing his music in different musical instruments in chordophones like Classical Guitar, Piano, Violin, Harp, etc., Aerophones like Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Trumpet, Organ, Etc., and Membranophones.

Mohammad Goals

Researches have shown that classical music can help the development of the human mind and the treatment of diseases, especially mental diseases.

I try my best to make and release beautiful and memorable music that maintain classical structure and be closer to the taste of people in this era, to encourage people to listen to classical music more.

All of my music sheets will be published publicly for free for all musical instruments and I hope artists like and perform them.

Mohammad Reza Taherkhani Wishes

We wish our activities in The Taherkhani Records will increase the audience of classical music and help to rekindle the interest in this music genre among the general public of different societies.

Also, we hope in this collective purpose which is part of wishes and concerns of all the classical musicians, different artists in various instruments support and cooperate with us.

Eventually, we wish you all love our music and support us in this way…

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  1. Great purposes 👌 Best wishes for you Mr. Taherkhani

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